Atiu to Rarotonga

An early breakfast and then a 1 hour mtn bike ride around the main town going out to the harbor. The gears were rusted into the middle ring of the crank but it was great.

I went by the Maroa bush bar where impromptu homemade beer parties take place. The Cook Islands have a staunch religious back ground and the family we hiked the cave with could not leave on Christmas Day until 1 pm in the afternoon. Air Rarotonga runs on religious times during the holidays.

Editor’s note: a few more images of Aitu.

A great but, bittersweet send off from the general manager of Atiu Villas. The signage at the Aitu airport.

Image or two from plane.

Back to Muri Beachcomber we went like clock work after getting our bags to ride to hotel.A snorkel in our lagoon. Rather disappointing. A plan would start today about tomorrow. Still beautiful as ever. Lunch at Pacific Resort.

A dinner of coconut lamb curry from the night market. Delicious again! Peace out Tres dog