Tampa, Florida to Rarotonga, Cook Islands

Editor’s note: this was how I wanted to blog my trip and I hope the pictures will paint a better picture. Will blog next couple of days.

We had a big flights out from Tampa to Dallas and to LA before getting on the Air New Zealand flight to Rarotonga. The flight was bumpy but the crew was great. The plane in juxtaposition to the tower.

The mountains, the ocean with tree and a Cook Islanders New Zealand Army military cemetery next to the airport.

Our room and grounds to the Muri Beachcomber and the Muri Lagoon. The featured image.

It’s raining and we are cooling out after a 28 hour day, half way around the world. It is Paradise.

Peace out Tres

8 thoughts on “Tampa, Florida to Rarotonga, Cook Islands

  1. Merry Christmas to you both!
    For some reason I did not see any pictures with this post..??
    Love from Leslie and Tony

    1. To everyone the WiFi here comes from a satellite and it has made posting pictures virtually impossible. I think I will wait and post my pics when the WiFi is more reliable.

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