Day 19-London Calling-Kew Gardens

Easy roll out and good spartan hostel breakfast of hard boiled eggs, cold cuts, cheese, muesli, toast, orange marmalade and brown toast. Maybe not so spartan after all. I am on the cyclist’s food plan. First stop, all time favorite of both of the Smiths, Royal Botanical Garden or Kew Gardens. There was a big installation of Chihuly glass that would be illuminated at night for special shows. It was amazing. Lots of pictures so bear with me.

Entrance to the 1800’s ice house. 

The hive by a famous artist. Really cool. 


Lily pond. 

Rock garden, structures and more flowers. 

Went to two galleries in Kew. Just amazing with glass and botanical art. 

Went to the temperate house and saw all the big Chihuly glass and all kinds of plants including carnivorous plants. 

I missed seeing Big Ben and the riverside view of Parliament so after quick lunch I went to Westminster. Got the photo of Parliament and not of Big Ben scaffolded for repair but what a zoo compared to yesterday. 

Royal Albert Hall for dinner and Beethoven. Peace out Tres

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