Day 18-Southampton to London-getaway morning

I got my bike in the box yesterday afternoon while others did some sightseeing. I always have a little melancholy when an adventure is over. We had a lovely dinner at the Florence Arms. 

A great breakfast again. 

A walk after breakfast in an aging seaside town. 

The Royal Beach Hotel. The window above of the same hotel. 

Taxi to London direct. Real nice guy. At Meininger’d hostel at Lord Baden Powell House. 

I got to the tube and got to the stop for the Imperial War Museum and it started to rain. The audacity of Mother Nature. We cycled for 2 weeks and got wet once for 15 minutes. I was hungry and went to The Hercules for lunch. 

Great lunch and away for the museum. I had been here in 1997 and it was better now. 

A portable army kitchen. An air filtration system used in the air raid shelters that if there wasn’t any electricity or petrol they could pedal 40 rpm and filter the air. 

There was a chilling and in depth holocaust museum that was incredible in its scope of viewing the historical timeline of the fanaticism of Hitler and Nazi Germany and how it had impacted the Jewish People it touched along that timeline and how more severe it became. A tremendous quote of 1935 was “There was no country that we could stay in and there was no country that wanted us”.  I hope that is right. It impacted me deeply. There were refugees at that time and they went places but it was becoming more difficult and impossible. In my heart I had just wished for many more to have been able to leave during that period of history. 

Went to the Metropolitan Cathedral Church of St. George. Beautiful stain glass. 

Got back on the tube and went to Victoria’s embankment. We had dinner on a boat on this part of The Thames River in 1997. 

Got back on the tube and went to a closed Westminster Abbey. Featured image. Got to catch a guy warming up for a protest and a man start taking off his clothes in the middle of the road. 

All in all an interesting afternoon in London. Quiet night local. Royal Albert Hall tomorrow. Beethoven. Peace out Tres

One thought on “Day 18-Southampton to London-getaway morning

  1. Another amazing photo essay. A few favorites – “…in an aging seaside town…” looks like a scene “Quadrophenia”…what would The Beatles (and Charles Manson) think of the Helter Skelter ride?…to think, bicyclists could’ve saved the day in a bomb shelter! All very cool and fun romp for us. Thank, T-Dawg.

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