Day 14-Bath to Salisbury-48.4 miles with 2810 feet of elevation

We had a good start from Bath after a big uphill. A theme for today. We left city center of Bath and went through some tunnels. One tunnel we went through for seemed like a mile.

We left there and it was back onto the canal unpaved path.

The train at Avoncliff. 

We got to get off the path and back on pavement. 

It was beautiful. 

On we went. 

The houses were just so perfect in some ways.

Grand landscapes.

We went into Warminster for lunch. 

The road going away. 

We saw big and little churches. 

We saw the UFO Sun King mountain painting. Long way off. 

We saw animals. 

We fixed a flat. 

We got into Salisbury and went to the Salisbury Cathedral and saw one of only 4 remaining original Magna Cartas. There were 40. 

the Magna Carta. No photos of an 804 year old document with 3500 words in Latin. Peace out. Tks again to my GB mates for such a great visit. Peace out Tres

3 thoughts on “Day 14-Bath to Salisbury-48.4 miles with 2810 feet of elevation

  1. The scenery on this day, I thought was truly outstanding. I would like to follow this route by car Hope you will have “show and tell” of this adventure when you get home.

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