Day 13-Rest day in Bath

A BIG sleep with a lazy breakfast with friends. Lead me out and away with a walking plan for the day. I went to Bath Abbey and went to a little church with great message, prayers, peace and offering. Beautiful place and lovely people. No pics inside. 

Ran right into a filming if a period for Netflix. 

I got to the Roman Baths at a good time on Sunday morning. Really cool. 

Julius Caesar, you know. 

Great artifacts. 

A lower part of the excavation of the baths.

A lower view of the pools. 

More excavations. 

Pool for money to return to Bath.

Left there and walked up to The Circus. 

Cool old bookstore sign. 

Walked to the Royal Crescent. 

Came back to a cool French restaurant. Great lunch. Cool menu holder. 

Saw the Grand Ballroom at the Fashion Museum. 

My GB/Welch wheelchair rugby friends were coming earlier and I will meet them now. It was a monster, great visit with two old dear rugby players and friends with their wives that just put me over the moon. A side note, I must admit this great visit was a result of some talk on Facebook. I am a bigger believer in it now. 

We started talking about the old days and where we had been together and it was on. It was fabulous. Mess in’ with Jinx too. 

We went for a coffee in the restaurant and Jinx, Paul Jenkins, talked about his involvement coaching wheelchair rugby for the Invictus athletes. I was very impressed with his commitment, patience and ongoing dedication to the entire scope of coaching these athletes along with his wife Jayne. 

We did talk about the Hall of Fame or lack there of in GB. 

It was a blast. I love them all so. 

I went to the spa for a 30 minute or so soak and it was nice. 

Peace out Tres

4 thoughts on “Day 13-Rest day in Bath

  1. Beautiful picture Tres. That’s some amazing scenery glad they found the chlorine for the pool in that last bath house.

  2. What a weekend, final Invictus selection then a meet up with two people I have the utmost respect for. Tres it was the icing on the cake for my weekend, remembering the good old playing days having a laugh with you and Keith. Take care on the rest of your trip and when you get home give a huge hug and a kiss to the lovely wife.
    Be safe

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