Day 5-Chester to Shrewsbury 58.5 miles-2200 feet of elevation

An earlier rollout with a better organization to route with Sustrans maps, Strava and some with Garmin. I must admit that the weather has been fantastic.

We took some steps down to a canal and onto a path out of Chester. 

It was an easy roll out but started to head upward after we got off the toll path. 

We had a mile hill that was definitely hill of the day. The name, Hartshill. 

We rolled on through there to Malpas. 

We left there after some more climbing and descending to get lost from our group for awhile and later we found them on the road. We had NO garmin just data free Strava and Sustrans maps. 

We had fish and chips at the Bull and Dog. Rich bought me lunch on my birthday. 

The bar.                        Photo credit John Ilenin

Onward we went and the images. 

With the distance and questioning almost every turn the day got longer and we had another loss of people in the group due to some fatigue and overall pace but we got to our hotel pretty tired but safe. More tomorrow. Happy birthday to me! Peace out Tres

6 thoughts on “Day 5-Chester to Shrewsbury 58.5 miles-2200 feet of elevation

  1. Happy birthday Tres. Maybe Mariela will get you a bicycle with electric pedal assist so you can go 500 miles a day

  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TRES! Sounds like a hard travel day. I love all of the photos, especially the houses. With that said I am wondering are you house hunting in this beautiful serene looking country? Take it easy this aint no marathon…..and stay safe.

  3. Belated Happy Birthday, my Friend! What a beautiful day. I’m glad you’re enjoying it. The houses are delightful. Thanks for sharing.

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