Day 12-Marlborough to Bath-41.5 miles with 1130 feet of elevation

We left The Castle and Ball a little later due to a later breakfast. 

The road out of town was beautiful and a little hilly. 

A local cycling club on their Saturday ride. 

We got to see the horse painting on the mountain in Alton Barnes. 

We had a tea SAG at Horton. 

The road was again great. 

We got to Devizes and started on the canal trail. It was unpaved. 


The path and the locks in some places were so picturesque.

The trail had begun to get a lot tougher and rougher. 

The whole canal and narrow boats thing in this part of England seems to be a way of life. Bradford on Avon. 

We had to walk through a hippie flea market in the more bohemian section of these canal boats. Very cool. 

The next really beautiful place on the canal was Avoncliff. 

It had been windy and threatening rain with a little rain but then it really started and we took to the Gore tex. 

The rain stopped and we got into Bath fine. Early gourmet Italian dinner and a lazy night. Rest day in Bath tomorrow. Peace out Tres

Day 11-Oxford to Marlborough-41.6 miles with 1240 feet of elevation

It was a great rest day in Oxford and our B’n’B, Heather House was great. Getting out of city center. 

Once out of town it was great. 

We rode past thatched roof houses. 

The little towns were so quaint and beautiful. 

We had our SAG stop next to St. Nicholas’s church parking lot. When the minister’s wife learned it was a group of American cyclists were coming she opened the church. It was really cool. 

Back on the beautiful road again. 

RAGBRAI in England. 

More beautiful little houses and towns. 

Big climb afterwards to these vistas. 

We rolled down this hill to the bottom to get to Three Trees Farm Market and Cafe. Broccoli and Stilton quiche with salad. Yummy. 

Some of the group was in a different place and 

Day 10 Rest day in Oxford…”would you like to meet the artist…”

My roommate and I slept and slept and slept. We like som others in the group thought that a hop on and hop off bus would be the best. The top was great for pictures. 

We went to the Oxford Castle AND Prison. We did not take the tour. It was fun. 

We then went to Calfax Tower. 99 very narrow, steep steps to the top. Panoramic. 

Selfie photo credit  “Ice cream” Tom Coe.

We the went to University Church. 

We then went to the 1779 Covered Market. I bought a cool small print of a bicycle from Oxford. Tom wanted to eat at The Eagle and the Child Oub due to its history with “The Inklings” in particular it was where C.S. Lewis met J.R.R. Tolkien. Great chicken and mushroom pie with carrots. We were leaving and a friend in our group sat down. We compared notes of the day and I showed her my print. As we got out the door a man and a baby asked if I would like to meet the artist. It was Merlin Porter and his one year old daughter. He gave me a special note on the front and drew a cheeky sketch of me on the back. All you can say is WOW. The coolest thing was how genuine Merlin was with someone he had never met that was buying his artwork and how interested he was with us. He does not normally get to meet his buyers. It was great. 

The Eagle and the Child. 

Well that just blew my mind. We went on the bus back to The Sheldonian. 

The roof.

We walked the 114 steps to the cupola. 

The Bridge of Sighs. 

Internet slow here but had to get this out. Peace out Tres dog

Day 9-Stratford upon Avon to Oxford-55 miles-1920 feet of elevation

Our breakfast was a little later than usual but everyone got away for a big day. The route had us going out the canal path then to the Stratford upon Avon Greenway. 

Getting the people and bikes through the gates. Checkout the sign post. 

We left the greenway and before we knew it we were in the Cotswolds. 

SAG stop. 

The countryside. 

Gourmet store lunch in Woodstock. KILLER. 

The route to Oxford. 


More Oxford on rest day tomorrow. Peace out Tres

Day 8-Worcester to Stratford upon Avon-30 miles with 1320 feet of elevation

I had an early up and my roommate John had put my bag in the room and left a light on for me. Real good. Good breakfast and off we went. 

We did not have a tea break because our English C2C rider, Eddo, went to hospital due to a drug reaction so we just went. We stopped at a National Trust set of churches.

We met a British touring cyclist and he was real nice.

On we went through a closed road. 

The countryside. 

We got closer to Stratford upon Avon and the narrow boats locks. 

Canal into town. 

We got into our hotel the chapel next door.

Bigger ride tomorrow. Peace out Tres

Day 7-Ludlow to Worcester

Breakfast in Ludlow. 

I had bought a ticket for As You Like It in Stratford for tonight. I decided to SAG with operator to host hotel after helping with morning tea along the route.

We stopped in a town called Tenbury Wells. It was great. Very scenic. 

I got to Worcester. 

On to the train and Stratford upon Avon. The Bard. 

Stratford upon Avon. 

Shakespeare’s House. 

Guild Hall.

Royal Shakespeare Theater.

Big day. More tomorrow. Peace out Tres

Day 6-Shrewsbury to Ludlow-39 miles with 2400 feet of elevation

A good breakfast with a little late start. The weather has been beautiful. 

A lot of climbing today. 

Beautiful landscapes. 

Cute towns too. 

We had a patch that was rough. See featured image. 

This took longer than anticipated so we went to lunch in Craven Arms. Bottom image shows public footpath to the right that we rode on. 

Craven Arms was a cool place. 

Out we went after lunch. Love the signage. 

Onward to Ludlow. 

River park in Ludlow. 

Ludlow Cathedral. 

Ludlow Castle. Another image from the road on the way into town. 

Ludlow city center. 

Peace out Tres

Day 5-Chester to Shrewsbury 58.5 miles-2200 feet of elevation

An earlier rollout with a better organization to route with Sustrans maps, Strava and some with Garmin. I must admit that the weather has been fantastic.

We took some steps down to a canal and onto a path out of Chester. 

It was an easy roll out but started to head upward after we got off the toll path. 

We had a mile hill that was definitely hill of the day. The name, Hartshill. 

We rolled on through there to Malpas. 

We left there after some more climbing and descending to get lost from our group for awhile and later we found them on the road. We had NO garmin just data free Strava and Sustrans maps. 

We had fish and chips at the Bull and Dog. Rich bought me lunch on my birthday. 

The bar.                        Photo credit John Ilenin

Onward we went and the images. 

With the distance and questioning almost every turn the day got longer and we had another loss of people in the group due to some fatigue and overall pace but we got to our hotel pretty tired but safe. More tomorrow. Happy birthday to me! Peace out Tres