Klein Bonaire

We, Leslie, Tony, Mariella and myself, were able to book a 4 hour guided catamaran snorkeling trip to Klein Bonaire our of the Divi Flamingo Resort. 

It was on a 44 foot boat made in Capetown, South  Africa. Very nice and the crew was great. 

We motored than sailed out to the island on the leeward side of Bonaire, Klein Bonaire. The flying fish here are serious aviators. Hard to capture on the I phone.

We did 2 45 minute drift snorkels and as the say oh my God!  Pics of coral and fish.

We left the Divi Resort. 

To go downtown and get some of the famous Bonaire sea salt. 

One more blog. What a week. Peace out Namaste Tres

2 thoughts on “Klein Bonaire

  1. Incredibley beautiful. I’m waiting for a mermaid to pop out of one of these photos.
    Happy you are having a good trip.

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