Bonaire-Sorobon Beach and 18th Palm

Another sleep in with a slow roll out was the order of the day. Good breakfast and we were on our way to Lac Bay at Sorobon. Underwater camera battery low and had no charger. Photo shop charged the battery. Great luck but no underwater pics today. Token Bonaire wild burros pic. 

Lac Bay was windy and overcast and about 15 min walk to the best snorkeling on the island. Ate dorado at Sorobon Beach resort. 

Mariella wanted to see south of Sorobon Beach and there was this kind of magical spot where the ocean hits these rocky crags and tide pools. See featured image. 

We had to get around some construction to get to the 18th palm snorkel site at Plaza Resort Bonaire.

Spotted morey eel, French angelfish, butterfly fish, another different eel, surgeon fish, blue tang, grunts, every type of parrotfish, grouper, wrasses, squirrelfish, flounder, trumpetfish, smooth trunkfish AND WHITESPOTTED FILEFISH. There was other things too like soft coral. I have a witness and in some cases the spotter.

Internet slow here. Peace out Namaste Tre

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