Dod Warrior Games 2019-Wheelchair Rugby-Tampa

I was asked to officiate wheelchair rugby with athletes that would not normally classify into WC rugby. I reffed the second and third day. 

The commissioner came the second day. It was fast and furious. 

Commish watched the Canada vs Air Force game. 

I did the Bronze and Gold medal rounds the last day of competition. Troy and Joe were coaching Air Force and Navy, respectfully, in the gold medal game. 

Full tilt!

Air Force beat Navy in a tightly contested game. Team Australia beat SOCOM in the bronze medal game. 

WHEW. Peace out Namaste Tres

3 thoughts on “Dod Warrior Games 2019-Wheelchair Rugby-Tampa

  1. Yeah for the “A” Team (Tres and Mariella). You are both incredible.
    The Warriors are beyond special. Thanks for all you do.

  2. We still have a poster framed and hanging in our home, back to the quad rugby days of Craig’s time at TGH. You were and continue to be such a great friend to all of us!

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