5 Boros NYC ride and some other stuff

We left early and got to midtown Manhattan in fairly easily. We were at the New Yorker Hotel. A historic hotel in a great location  but it was packed. Went to Stella 34 in Macy’s for lunch as we headed for Mood fabrics of Project Runway fame. My lunch was good. 

The neighborhood was interesting. 

We got to Mood and it was hopping, Not like in 2014. Swatch the famous dog. 

My lovely wife had planned dinner arcSardi’s and Hamilton. Both were super. 

I am not a musical fan kind of guy but Hamilton was all that and the bag of chips. 

What a day, big crash and a noisy neighbor had me up at 8:00 am foraging for coffee and pastry. I was to put the bike together and got Bike Expo. The wife was going back to Mood and uptown to shop. I went to google for my route to expo. 

The Expo was great and it was Saturday and it was hopping. Note bike valet. It was not raining when I left began when I was at the expo. The expo is great to see products but also different travel and adventures. 

I was sent foraging after my nap and my wife’s lovely return for pastries and other things. I went to Penn station but went by the midtown post office first. 

Went to steakhouse at MSG. Early up tomorrow. Rain expected and colder temps and it was exactly that. All Gore Tex and waterproof socks and gloves team. 

I do not do the mass start and get on the route from midtown around 7:30 am. 

Stopped us at Central Park for official VIP first wave. 

Wet and cold. Quick stop in Queens. 

Over Verrazano Narrows bridge. 

Out to Staten Island ferry and home. Peace out Namaste Tres

3 thoughts on “5 Boros NYC ride and some other stuff

  1. Love the pictures and am so happy for you and the “Bride” enjoying your NY visit. The fire station in the pictures was where my brother Dennis was stationed for many years and retired from after falling three stories in a fire. If you get anywhere near Marine Park in Brooklyn that is where I was launched from. Thanks for sharing this adventure. I am sure there are a lot of people either planning or wanting to plan a trip to the Big Apple.

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