Day 1-Cycle Zydeco-Lafayette to Sunset La-36 miles

It was raining when we woke up and we had a plan to hangout until the weather cleared at the coliseum where we were to park for the week.

We got to Scott and had coffee. Got to take some clothes off too. 

The rain had stopped and the day got nicer. 

Grand Coteau, La. 

A quick roll from there to Sunset, La. Duck and Andouille gumbo with rice. 

Night next to Evangeline Downs racetrack and casino. Camp at Sunset looked real soggy. Weather to improve for tomorrow. We were really pretty luck today. Peace out Namaste Tres

4 thoughts on “Day 1-Cycle Zydeco-Lafayette to Sunset La-36 miles

  1. What a day! Did you share images of your gorgeous wooden kayak? Would have looked great on the wall with the others. Love how historic but not overly ornate everything looked, especially the giant oaks.! Saw your lovely wife as we celebrated a new mayor and city Council folks that
    we voted for ~ A real trifecta! . Thanks for sharing your stories!!!

  2. I wasn’t going to comment but does the Commish know you are going out in public dressed like that first picture? What’s that you’ve got on?

    Peace and be safe my brother.


  3. Tresman, Another great escape for those of us trapped in reality. Mike Noble’s comment made me laugh. I loved the Doll Face salon & beauty bar. The cool, quaint buildings/businesses you encounter are always so fun to see. Keep them coming. Enjoy my Friend.
    ~ Craig

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