Day 0-Cycle Zydeco-Lafayette

We awoke to learn that the storm from Texas would be in Lafayette tomorrow about roll out time. Stay tuned. Rich, Chrysa and I went to registration and it was in the old U of L gym. 

Rich needed to take a break and Chrysa and I did a 14 mile urban ride around Lafayette and the university. 

The Cathedral of St. Jean. 

We got a little turned around but we ended up at a French settlement, Vermillionville. 

Some pics. 

We had gumbo, fried chicken, mustard greens, red beans and rice, corn bread, iced tea and bread pudding at the cafe in Vermillionville. Back on the trail to U of L. 


Got back for Zydeco. 

More tonight. Peace out Namaste Tres

3 thoughts on “Day 0-Cycle Zydeco-Lafayette

  1. Homer! Great day I bet. Interesting that St. Jeans cathedral looks like the space shuttle. I bet you enjoyed the hand made kayak/canoe exhibit. I’m glad you sat out the storm.
    Ride safe.

  2. What a day! Did you share images of your gorgeous wooden kayak? Would have looked great on the wall with the others. Love how historic but not overly ornate everything looked, especially the giant oaks.! Saw your lovely wife as we celebrated a new mayor and city Council folks that
    we voted for ~ A real trifecta! . Thanks for sharing your stories!!!

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