Day 3-Ramnagar to Corbett Nat’l Park

Aura Resort was very nice. 

I was a little early to pick up and watched the favorite Indian sports obsession, cricket. They were having a blast. The Indian national team have a superstar batsman named Kohli. 

My driver picked me up and he did some errands and to the park we went. Downtown Ramnagar. 

Official sign in. 

Immense park and beautiful. 

I was not at Dhikala much to my disbelief. No matter what I said I was not getting in there and was to be at Gairal rest house for 2 nights. A nice spot on the Kosi River. 

My guide “Mr. Om” spoke little English but was a very nice man and was very well liked by the guides. 

The river did not disappoint. Crocs and a gator like thing. After lunch we saw a tigress and her 2 cubs about an hour or so after lunch. Nikon auto focus. 

Along with all kinds of deer and birds. 

We got back to Gairal and I took a 2 hour nap and was starting not to feel well. It was cold and the rest houses were basic. That night I was very sick. 

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