Coming Home

I have not been blogging because I became very sick at Corbett National Park. I changed my plans and came to a 5 star resort near the entrance of the park to convalesce. I had started the antibiotic I had before leaving the park. I saw a local physician and he changed some things and had me going back in right direction. The staff has been very understanding. Leaving Delhi Friday night. I look forward to recovering some time at home. India really knocked me out. I am of course, disappointed but there will be other opportunities for big adventures and I WILL BE THERE including a 2020 C2C Northern tier crossing of the USA with some of my crazy good riding friends from C2C 2016. I will update the blog when home. I have some pictures in my brother’s Nikon. 

Peace out Namaste Tres

13 thoughts on “Coming Home

  1. So glad you are coming home to get better. Wise man, and of course there will be so many big adventures to come!

  2. We are sorry to hear that your trip is cut short. Safe journey home. We wish you a quick and full recovery. Roberts

  3. Sorry to hear of your adventure is getting cut short.
    Glad you won’t be making it home safe.
    If it persists let me know Willy has a doctor that specializes in this kind of thing.

  4. You in India … sick .. and Ursula and I and a Quad are waiting for you in Puerto Rico !

    Recover well from those bugs !!

  5. Tres, So sorry you got so sick! That is just awful, I hope you will get well soon once home. I am sure you have a lot of adventures to complete no doubt in my mind. Stay in the country for a while now there is so much to see here even with all you have already done. Take care of yourself! You are in my prayers.
    Love you,

  6. Tres, SO sorry to hear that you, “the mighty traveler” has gotten sick and that your journey was cut short. Sending light and love for the long journey home. Please if there is anything, we are here for you! Love and Peace, Vicki

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