It was a beautiful cool evening in Ruskin with the commish. 

My good friend Dave picked me at home and away he went with me, the bike in the suitcase, gear duffel and my backpack. A little curious how TSA will be. It will be a day and a half in the air. 

Long wait in Newark. Hope to see a guy holding a sign with my name on it. 

Met a merchant marine captain, Guarov Gupta,that was going home to Punjab. We starting talking about everything and I told him of my bike trip. He practiced a form of scientific meditation in week long courses at Brahman Kumaris Academy at Mt. Abu. I will be near there on a day off and will visit there for a half day. Guarov subscribed to my blog. Great guy. 

8500 miles. Bad lines at passport control. The travel agent that arranged my pre trip met me at the airport, Abdullah Khan of Travelogy India. He was helpful and got me travel vouchers and to my hotel. 

Delhi is immense and with some of the most unhealthy air in the world and in places quite unkempt. Generous description. Mind boggling. Shops amazing. 


Tuk Tuk ride this am around. Quick. 

Off to Corbett later today. Namaste Tres

8 thoughts on “INDIA

  1. That sounds really exciting it will be fun to follow your travels through India.
    Be extra extra careful of the water remember sometimes the bottles are stored and ice that has microbes that are not healthy. Also do not take straws from strangers. Stay healthy my friend this will be another trip for a lifetime ?

  2. India, you are something else! I would have never thought of doing anything like that. This will be interesting and likely to be educational. Like Mike said about the “Be Careful part”… Ditto from me! This is going to be fun from right here at my desk! Love you, Dude! Starr

  3. OMG… Can’t believe you are in INDIA. Today I was considering a trip to India in September with a Delta Group. Now I can follow your blog instead of the taking the long journey. I can hardly wait for your next post. I ditto all the above, stay safe.

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