Commissioner Mariella Smith’s Investiture Ceremony-November 20, 2018

There was a reception prior to the ceremony where the commissioners were getting pictures taken. 

The group picture. 

The office. 

A friend the fire dept honor guard, Tony. 

The ceremony requires the newly elected commissioner to take an oath. I was the fortunate one who was allowed to read the oath to my great wife. Her sister was next to her. See featured image. She used her late father’s West Point Military Academy bible. Her father, Mr. Howard Oliver Johns, class of 1951 and her late mother Marisol Grimal Johns were extremely proud today. Mariella’s sister, Marcia Pontenberg, was next to me. The new commissioners were all excited about the ceremony. 

The commish. 

A reception after the ceremony was held. 

1st Texas Hold em Wheelchair Rugby Tournament-Downtown Las Vegas at the Chuck Mincker Sports Complex

Early flight out with a little downtown Fremont St. action. Referees staying at the Plaza Hotel. 

41 Lincoln at the El Cortez. 

I reffed a friendly between Team USA and Team Australia. It was fun. TJ and Andy had Australia and a composite US team the day after friendlies.

One gym with a 4 refs. I got a chance to see Carlos Santana at the House of Blues at Mandalay Bay. 

The maestro. 

Good last day with Team Australia, their Paralympic team, playing 2018 US National Champions, University of Arizona. Hang on to your hats. Should be streaming live. Peace out Tres

Hillsborough County Commissioner Mariella Smith

An early morning recon of south Hillsborough County showed the signs and the candidate working the polls.

An amazing upset in local politics. After an exhaustive and yearlong grass roots campaign has yielded the best local candidate, my incredible wife Mariella Smith, to come along in many years to defeat a 26 year incumbent candidate, Victor Crist. He was and is at the whim of special interests and not the majority of the local constituency. Mariella Smith, however, was and is not at the whim of a small but powerful group of special interests and will genuinely and honestly represent all the people of Hillsborough County. 

Her sense of fairness, decency, knowledge of the issues has made her the obvious choice in this election where the people had decided who was the best candidate. 

It is with such great joy that I post this blog tonight. 

Mariella WON.