Bam on the Katy Trail-Chattanooga to St. Louis

A beautiful morning in Chattanooga. Oatmeal and killer coffee at the Mean Mug. 

The hotel’s pool and main lobby. 

Street art for Leslie. 

A beautiful sunrise over Nickajack Lake. 

Nice ride through the mountains that flattened out into big farms in Tennessee, Kentucky, Illinois and Missouri. I met my hosts, Rich and Chrysa, in Maryland Heights and away we went for the annual botanical show at the Missouri Botanical Gardens. A few pics. First the corpse plant. 

The grounds. 

A great dinner with my C2C friends near Lafayette Park, Rich, Chrysa, Jim and Tom and their wives. Tom and I doing a shop ride around downtown St. Louis today. More to come. Peace out Tres

One thought on “Bam on the Katy Trail-Chattanooga to St. Louis

  1. I would have spent time in the Missouri Botanical Gardens -It looked like it wasnotonly beautiful, but serene.

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