BAM on the Katy Trail-first stop Chattanooga

On the road again. Early rollout from the very successful candidate of District 5 Countywide Hillsborough County Commission, Ms. Mariella Smith. New Tampa Bay Times Endorsement that was again glowing with strong praise. I always miss her.

A regret of no pictures of the south to middle Georgia cotton fields. They were green, white and huge. Quite beautiful in there own way. A steady 600 mile drive with little problems even Atlanta was human. Rest stop in Forsythe. 

I am staying at the converted Chattanooga train station in the back in a huge place. The Chattanooga Choo Choo Hotel. A few pics.

Right twice daily. 

I got a little rest then took an urban bike excursion. Some bike lanes and some streets without. It did not seem to bike friendly really more walking friendly. I went by the UT at Chattanooga stadium. Practice was going on.

The downtown next to the Tennessee River was beautiful. A pedestrian bridge to a very cool side of Chattanooga. A few pics.

A few more pics of downtown. 

Seafood gumbo Nola style. Then bluegrass on the walk back. St. Louis tomorrow. 

Peace out. Tres dog

4 thoughts on “BAM on the Katy Trail-first stop Chattanooga

  1. I would have had you visit my Daughter in Chattanooga, but she is at a conference, so that would not work. See you in the Lou.

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