Day 2 RAGBRAI-Onawa to Dennison-47 miles with 2020 feet of elevation

O’dark thirty with gear on the Penske at before 6 am with a 6 am rollout. 

With a cooler than normal day we headed out peacefully with day dawning. 

The scenery was beautiful. 

We rode over 18 miles to Farm Kids in Soldier, Iowa for breakfast. 

Julie Marders, a fellow rider with our Grind Kings group, after breakfast in Soldier she encountered this marginally socially acceptable duo riding along as only they could at RAGBRAI. Photo credit to her. 

We rode from their to Ute. It was the lunch stop. It was great although it was too early to eat. 

We left Ute and headed for Charter Oak and the headwind picked up and it a little challenging but more beautiful scenery. 

I got to the top and there was a state trooper who took a picture of us and then let us take a selfie. The featured image today. 

Bigger day tomorrow. Wi-Fi good at HS in Dennison. Peace out. The adventure continues. Namaste Tres