Day 7-RAGBRAI-Iowa City to Davenport-77 miles-1755 feet of elevation

It was to be a long day with a need to be at the shuttle bus and gone by 2 PM. So we headed out again at sunrise. I must comment that I sometimes complained about having my gear on the truck before 6 but it was always one of the prettiest parts of the day  Leaving Iowa City. 

Lone Tree, Iowa

West Liberty was hopping. 

We left and went on to Cedar River. 

More beautiful scenery. 

New Era Church was on the route and it was very cool. 

Blue grass music. 

Home made baked goods. 

The run in from Bluegrass to Davenport. 

It was a great week. I was able to drive to Hannibal, Mo, birthplace of Mark Twain. It was  raining when I was leaving but a few pics.

Mississippi River

Drove through Nashville, terrible and passed this. 

Peace out Namaste Tres

Day 6-RAGBRAI-Sigourney to Iowa City-64 miles and 1610 feet of elevation. 

This would be a little easier day and it was appreciated. 

We got into Keota and it was nice.

BUT, Wellman was hopping.

Wear what you like. Note the old drinking establishment. Every little place seemed to have one. 

On to Kalona, the meet up town. Beautiful place where there was Amish farms outside of town. 

Onto Riverside. 

Iowa City is home of the Iowa University Hawkeyes. Chrysa and I were riding in town, while Rich was back getting his bike checked and going a steep downhill to take a left hand turn, she hit a poorly marked road hazard and fell on her side. The community services officer at this dangerous corner was sitting in a chair with herself and no traffic cone to warn the rider. The other volunteer services were great and took Chrysa and bike to campsite then the medical tent. Her RAGBRAI story is not done. Stay tuned. 

Peace out Namaste Tres

Day 5-RAGBRAI-Newton to Sigouney-72.5 miles and 2900 feet of elevation

EDITOR’S NOTE: A updated day 4 entry was made yesterday morning for more complete coverage. 

Day 5 would be the longest and hilliest of the week. Another up at 4:45 AM and away we went. 

There was a Santa spotting along the road toward Sully and I was able to pass him and say good morning Santa. I am not sure how many other got that opportunity but it is RAGBRAI. A side note: Santa does winter at the North Pole but, summers in Dubuque, Iowa. See featured image. 

A neat lunch in Deep River, Iowa.

Chrysa was riding with fellow C2C 2016 rider, John Ilenin. John had converted to a three wheel cat trike and it seemed he may not ride anything else. He had me sit in it and it was PLUSH. John maybe one of the sweetest and  nicest guys you will ever meet. 

We had one last break in Keswick. Cool place. 

It was good day. Namaste Tres

Day 4-RAGBRAI-Ames to Newton-63.5 miles 2010 feet of elevation

The Grind Kings had the opportunity to stay at an empty house at Ames and it was nice. Another before 6 am rollout. My wild pic of the day. 

It was a great rollout to breakfast. 

Bad Wi-Fi and long day. Hopefully more tomorrow. Namaste TRES 

Editors note:  I will finish my RAGBRAI posts with better WI-FI. A few pics from this day. Colo was neat  

State Center  

The run in to Newton, the host town, our campground, the public pool next to the campground and an accident that happpened while we were set up there. 

Peace out. Tres dog

Day 3-Jefferson to Ames-61 miles with 1025 feet of elevation

A sweet and early roll out. 

A 12.5 mile hitch out to breakfast and then afterwards who did I run into but the caped crusader. I am BATMAN. 

Great stop in Ogden. 

Chrysa with a strawberry smoothie. 

The scenery was beautiful. 

Great meet up in Boone, Iowa. 

Some funky head wind after Boone. 

 Ames, home of the Iowa State Cyclones, was the host town. A loop through Jack Trice stadium. 

It was a little easier but it was the third day in a row. Peace out. Namaste Tres

Day 2-RAGBRAI-Dennison-Jefferson 74 miles with 3100 feet of elevation. 

We got away early again. It was not quite as dramatic a sunrise until the sun came up a bit. 

We had breakfast at Farm kids. 13.5 miles out. 

Looked a bit ominous so we got along. 

It was a beautiful ride out. 

It was blueberry pie for me and agriculture for the Strong in Templeton. 

We went to the meet up town of Coon Rapuds and it was great. See featured image. Headed out of there with a strong headwind. We had a tailwind until that turn. Beautiful country. Lunch in Scranton with Tender Tom’s turkey and a payday. Wi-Fi at library bogging down. More later. Peace out. Namaste Tres

Day 2 RAGBRAI-Onawa to Dennison-47 miles with 2020 feet of elevation

O’dark thirty with gear on the Penske at before 6 am with a 6 am rollout. 

With a cooler than normal day we headed out peacefully with day dawning. 

The scenery was beautiful. 

We rode over 18 miles to Farm Kids in Soldier, Iowa for breakfast. 

Julie Marders, a fellow rider with our Grind Kings group, after breakfast in Soldier she encountered this marginally socially acceptable duo riding along as only they could at RAGBRAI. Photo credit to her. 

We rode from their to Ute. It was the lunch stop. It was great although it was too early to eat. 

We left Ute and headed for Charter Oak and the headwind picked up and it a little challenging but more beautiful scenery. 

I got to the top and there was a state trooper who took a picture of us and then let us take a selfie. The featured image today. 

Bigger day tomorrow. Wi-Fi good at HS in Dennison. Peace out. The adventure continues. Namaste Tres

RAGBRAI-Day 1-Rider’s expo

A great collection at DesMoines Toyota. 

A sweet shuttle bus ride to Onawa, Iowa. 

I got a text from the candidate that the sister and brother in law were having a good time in AFRICA. 

Home sweet home in Onawa. 

We collected up and did the expo. Always the most amazing. 

New Bianchi Orso. 

The scene is always incredible. 

I am in the coolest building in town, the Onawa Public Library. 

Wi-Fi will be commodity of the week. Peace out. Namaste Tres