Big Bam-Waynesville to Cuba-57 miles. 

We headed out just before six. It was a big climb out of Waynesville and he did 2650 feet or so. The wing is slowly getting better and my C2C friends have been great. We went past Big Piney and Little Piney River. There’s was a bad bike accident on a downhill into Big Piney. C2C fellow rider and RN, Julie Wilmering was on the scene first and really did a fantastic job of managing a very confused head injured bicycle rider before EMS came. I arrived and the FD arrived 5 minutes later with an ambulance coming. She was incredible. Big Chapeau, Julie. The scenery is outstanding.

On to Newburg, Rolla, Fanning and Cuba. 

The C2C gang last night. 

Finish in Eureka tomorrow. Peace out Namaste Tres

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