Bisbee to Douglas, Arizona

We had a great breakfast in our room and I set out for Douglas. It was about 26 miles pretty much downhill on the beautiful open road. Mariella would pick me up at the Hotel Gadsden. A few pics. First stop Lowell. 

The road was vast before me. 

Heading into Douglas. 

Lunch at Cafe Segovia. 

Bikes packed and organized for a early roll out to Tucson Airport. A last dinner at the Copper Queen Hotel-1902 room. Hard to believe it is almost over in Arizona. I will take a day off unpack the bike and pack for Bike Florida. 

2 thoughts on “Bisbee to Douglas, Arizona

  1. hello Tres ……I really like your daily blogs you post ………very well done ……is there a chance you could e-mail or call me ?

    thanks Clarence

  2. The first two pictures look like Live Photos from the town in the animated Cars series. Then, I had to look closely at the next six to make sure they weren’t duplicates! I love the Gadsen. You know me – I’m curious what you had to eat there and at the 1902 Room. Safe travels home. Looking forward to seeing reports from Bike Florida.

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