Tucson to Kartchner Caverns to Tombstone to Bisbee

Mariella and I packed up our rental car with a big box with a bike in it, my bike assembled with the front wheel off, my empty bike box suitcase, big agnes large duffel, a suitcase, a back pack and some food and water bottles in bags. It was on to the caverns. 

It was elected the best cavern in America. We did not have a reservation and it might have been a huge mistake. We were lucky and there had been a cancellation and we went with a 1:20 pm group. It was incredible. No photography. Strict rules but a grand tour with an expert. This from a postcard. 

The park was beautiful. 

Tombstone. Quick. 

A beautiful drive into Bisbee with a C2C flashback climbing up over the continental divide. Canyon Rose Suites. 

Will walk Bisbee with Mariella tomorrow. Peace out. Tres 

2 thoughts on “Tucson to Kartchner Caverns to Tombstone to Bisbee

  1. Trey, be sure and check out the Bisbee bicycle brothel. There are no regular business hours but there is a local number where you can contact the owner. Once he hears your story and a little bit about your bicycle Adventures I’m sure that he will offer to come by and open up and let you see his collection which is massive. For eats try The Bisbee coffee Company you won’t be disappointed. Finally try and visit the Copper Queen Hotel. It is supposed to be haunted. In the past I have ridden my bike many times in The Bisbee area. It is one of the neatest places to ride in Arizona. Keep the pictures and commentary coming. I enjoy them immensely. John

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