Day 7-BAC Tucson Spring Tour 2018 South Tucson Loop

Mariella and I decided to ride 23 miles or so on the loop this morning. It was gorgeous again. 

It was chamber of commerce weather. 

We rode happily along taking in all the art and natural sights. 

It was great like a bat out of hell. The trail became more vast. 

Mountains, too. 

The trail had a shrubby spot. 

Landing markings for the UFO’s. 

Then this rattlesnake. 

We saw a road runner but he was busy eating a lizard and was not ready for his close up. There were a lot washes and this Alamo Wash. Every bridge is unique with a different name and tile art unique to each bridge. 

This was for Lazy Creek bridge. 

The mountains on the way home. 

Mariella and I ate lunch at a cafe in the nicest long term acute care and skilled nursing residence we ha ever seen. Tonight steak dinner at an old Tucson favorite El Corral.

It was a great week. It went so fast and everyone with BAC was great. We will be back. Stay tuned more ahead in the desert. Peace out. Tres 

2 thoughts on “Day 7-BAC Tucson Spring Tour 2018 South Tucson Loop

  1. Sounds like a great day. I love all the roadside art work. Also, Tom Mix’s suit – very cool. I hope the steak dinner was good. Regards to City Council Woman!

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