Day 6-BAC Tucson Spring Tour 2018-The whole “Loop”

Mariella needed to be at the hotel and I had an opportunity to ride with a small group around the entire loop. It was a 54 mile urban and desert ride. 

We started south from our hotel. JRA-just riding along. 

The panoramas from the trail were incredible. 

We met some other BAC’s at the cattle guard. 

We left out of there and we were heading to the south end of the loop. 

It was the Julian Wash greenway section that seemed so vast. 

The trail art was cool. I took a picture of Kurt on C2C 2016 here. 

We negotiating getting around the mammoth Tucson VA. 

For lunch at Seis at El Mercado. 

Then on to the loop for a stop at the loop bicycle shop. 

We headed for the barn. Sharon-BAC ride leader, Pam-local co ride leader, Barry and Mike. I could not want to have been with nicer people. See featured image. 

I got to take my lovely wife to dinner at Cafe Botanica at the Tucson Botanical Garden. 

Best meal we had so far in Tucson and the setting was beautiful. 

Peace out Tres dog wewa

2 thoughts on “Day 6-BAC Tucson Spring Tour 2018-The whole “Loop”

  1. 54 miles! That sounds like a lot of miles to me. I do have to say that you are missing some spectacular weather here. Wish I could bottle it and save it for you.

  2. Great day. I loved the trail art as well as your cool shirt for dinner. What’d you both have? Enjoy!

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