Day 4 BAC Tucson Spring Tour 2018-Tucson Botanical Garden and Tohono Chul Botanical Garden

It was the plan for the two stop botanical garden tour today. Mariella and I left right before the organized group onto the southbound loop. 

It was only a mile and a half and we were on the streets that are only in Tucson. A 6-8 foot wide bike lane and a stoplight sensor in the bike lane. I swear to God. 

It was a nice 5 miles and we were at the Tucson botanical garden, tbg.  From the moment we arrived art and nature were intertwined. There will be more of this theme a little later. 

There was an orchid and butterfly room. Let the pics do the talking. 


Other butterflies. 

Blooming vanilla orchid. 

Poison dart tree frogs. 

More incredible cactus. 

We set out after making a reservation at the cafe for Thursday night. The road rose up through Via Entrada. 

The road’s bike path as we went out toward Tohono Chul Biological Garden. 

We got to Tohono Chul and it was amazing. This was a fountain. 

We left there and headed for home. Some more climb. 

A day of days. Peace out. Namaste Tres

3 thoughts on “Day 4 BAC Tucson Spring Tour 2018-Tucson Botanical Garden and Tohono Chul Botanical Garden

  1. The pic of Mariella and butterfly needs to be a campaign photo but I hate to mention the “c” word while you are on this trip. I think I would have loved this trip… love

  2. I will not give any opinions ideas on what to do with them, but the picture Leslie mentions and the picture of Tres with the butterfly on his cap are fantastic. You make it all look very approachable!

  3. A very nice photo journal and such beautiful pictures. I have wondered – how do you take the action pictures from the bike? How did Mari get the butterfly to land on her finger? Have you been to any exceptional restaurants? Enjoy, Buddy.

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