SPBC Spring Classic 2018

The St. Pete Bicycle Club’s annual spring  classic was today in beautiful downtown Palmetto, Florida. I was to ride with two great friends Tony and Juan. The century guys were out at 7 am. The small metric was at a civilized 8:30.

There were some of my SMBC club members there too. It is a local stomping ground for us and Jim Wheeler’s 14-16 ride group. The Palmetto police got us out of Palmetto safely and away we went. 

This pace group was together for the first 20+ miles. It was nice. One thing that spring classic never has shortage of is headwind. It would break up the bigger groups. 

Juan in his Star Trek jersey and Tony in his South African road champ jersey. Some parts of the ride are amazing. Others not so much with all the new development. 

We picked up a tandem and they were nice. It got pretty warm later and it was still windy but the slow cooked chicken in mojo and pork with yellow rice and black beans, plaintains and bread was right on time. Tip of the hat to St. Pete bike club. Great day. 

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