Day 3 Stock Island

Beautiful sunrise. 50+ volunteers walked and rode to Key West Botanical Garden and Tropical Forest. 

We worked for 3+ hours in three different crews. The locals were so appreciative. I was on the heavy lifting crew with tree service and small building demo. 

I was lopperman. We really did some extensive  work much quicker than expected and anticipated. 

Our crew seemed to enjoy demo. We got a huge tree off a shed with hand tools. 

A champion tree that was killed. 

The place was beautiful. 

We also raised two trees. A cinnamon bark tree. 

The staff was just grateful. Lunch. Zombies  bike shop. 

Key West tonight. Peace out Wewa 

4 thoughts on “Day 3 Stock Island

  1. Please explain “Wewa”. Glad you are doing good and I know the residents appreciate the help. Be safe.

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