Sigatoka and around…

Mariella and I slept in paradise because it was a long afternoon and early evening for me yesterday. My tattoo artist extraordinaire, Fijian Tony Oumi did not get to me until the middle of the afternoon. He came and delivered a masterpiece. Super brau and righteous human. Peace to you, Tony.

We drove into Sigatoka and looked around a little. It is Sunday not a lot open. Peaceful, sleepy and welcomingly easy. Bought a new bag for coming home. We went into the local supermarket and it was really cool. We took a walk along the Sigatoka River.

We walked up the hill to the mosque.

Had a great veggie pizza and then drove toward Suva to Korolevu. A sleepy Sunday drive through the small oceanfront villages of Fiji. We leave late tomorrow and will be home July 4th morning totally trashed. Thanks for coming along. All the best.


Peace out. Namaste Tres

5 thoughts on “Sigatoka and around…

  1. We’ve enjoyed every post and picture. Thank you for sharing this incredible part of the world with us. Safe travels to you and Mariella.

  2. That’s not a snapping turtle, is it?
    What a fabulous trip. I know you will be exhausted but what memories you have shared.
    Can’t wait to see you both. By the way Tres, I love the youthful shaved you.

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