Navini Island

I snorkeled at Special Reef.

Sandy Cay.

Honeymoon Island.

I also went to a school on Malolo Island and it was a genuine experience on a large Fijian island.

We went to a Fijian celebratory dinner and danced with our Fijian hosts. It was great.

Mariella and I watched two sea turtles just near our shoreline an hour before we left. Navini Island was heaven. We took a bumpy 30 minute boat ride back to the mainland for the next and final leg of our Fijian adventure. Peace out. Namaste Tres

3 thoughts on “Navini Island

  1. those pictures look like you copied out of national geographic; but be careful ’cause i bet if you ruin another one of mariellas good cameras it won’t just be the final leg of your fijian adventure

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