Samurai Island, Papua New Guinea

A nice sleep and a lazy roll out to breakfast. A little gym time and lunch. We packed our snorkel gear and went to Samurai Island. We got on the second tender and this was what a South Pacific Paradise would look like. 

We were greeted by music and all the islanders. There was a happy to see us vibe and really not what we may have had in our pockets. We walked down one of the main drags. 

The buildings seemed to be a hold out from WW 2. 

We walked down to the other side of the island and snorkeled at the old jetty. 

The corals were beautiful and alive. Lots of beautiful tropical fish as well including some clownfish. I will have some pics later. Mariella snorkeled with me. She loved it. We walked back slowly and saw some of the island homes. 

We walked a little further and went to a craft market. Very cool. Passed a soccer pitch.

We saw a real Methodist church on the island. 

There was a school.

The island was great and was kind of like an oasis. EVERYBODY chewing betelnut. 

Peace out. Namaste Tres

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