Varirata National Park and Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea

We arrived in Port Moresby early in the morning. 

We were along side a pier not requiring tender service to leave the boat. 

We were to go to Varirata Nat’l Park and we went into a 20 passenger tour bus and climbed up out of a modern city where that seemed prosperous. We greeted by these native dancers as we left. 

As we ascended it got into the country side and was much more rural and much less modern. 

There was lots of manufactured homes as well.

With little stores or stalls on the side of the road. We rose very dramatically up into the area near the park. Places along the road were named 16 mile. The park was lush and beautiful. 

The views from the hike start had the same feel as the Grand Canyon just green. 

We did not see that much wildlife but the park was lush. 

We left and went back to the ship. Mariella and I ate lunch on the ship and walked around downtown. It was a busy metro area with EVERYBODY  chewing betel nut. 

Some buildings were really modern. 

It was a big day and an interesting place. We came back to the ship to a original dance troupe from Rabaul. 

Peace out. Namaste Tres

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    1. A nut the locals chew and it has s slight up type of feeling. I heard an analogy like it was having a cigarette for a smoker. Very addictive.

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