Thursday Island, Torres Straits, Australia 

Mariella and I planned to take a big walk after being at sea for two full days. It was Mariella’s birthday on Flag Day, June 14. The wait for a tender was slow. We got the second one because we were independent and not on a tour. The pilot lead us into the island. 

We followed a 10,000 step walk on a route around Thursday Island. 

We passed some traditional Australian scenes. 

Thursday Island is a governmental center for the islanders in this northern area with schools on the island. 

There was beautiful seaside land scape and a historic cemetery with historic Japanese graves of their pearl divers. 

Along with the native sites. The colorful headstones were interesting and different. 

We saw a community garden. 

We finished our walk back into town and visited the cultural center. 

It was a lovely afternoon with another sea day the following day. Peace out Namaste Tres. 

Papua New Guinea tomorrow. 

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