Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary Ubud, Bali

A real nice sunrise yoga session on top of the Okawati hotel.

A nice breakfast on our balcony looking over the pool and garden. Mariella and I would walk to the monkey forest. It was a mixture of monkey sanctuary and great Hindu temple.

A monkey had jumped on my little backpack and started to chew it some. I had to kind of gently sling him off me but it was normal here. He saw the backpack and thought food. It was time for us to make our way out.

The forest was beautiful.

We noticed a cemetery which we wondered if it was not for the monkey ancestors of this sanctuary.

It was really warming up and we ate a great lunch, had a swim and a nap. Tonight we go to the Yoga Barn for kirtan. Peace out. Not so Namaste Tres



2 thoughts on “Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary Ubud, Bali

  1. Please do me a favor and bring back a couple of those monkeys I need some for my yard.
    Looks like another vantastic Journey for you guys

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