Pulau Menjangan snorkeling trip

We arrived yesterday to monkeys and deer. Love to say I have pictures but, no. Food at resort is great. Coffee, Yoga and then off to breakfast. The resort is beautiful. Our place. 

We ate a quick breakfast and I scurried to the water sports shop. I signed my waivers and next of kin, luckily Mariella is here. She saw me off. 

The boats that go to Menjangan Island are these handmade wood boats. There sturdy and seemed to be powered well enough.

The weather is cooler than in the south where we were. This the NW corner of Bali. The mountains dip right into the sea almost. Java is just a short ferry ride away not to far from here. 

The area is beautiful. 

We arrived at the island and first one out of the boat was me. It happened that my waterproof camera was not fully closed and bubbled when I jumped into the water. We quickly got it out and took out the battery and card. Set it in the sun to dry. Unsure if it will salvage. Real bummer. The island. 

I had to remember it was just a camera and I was in one of the greatest places to snorkel in the world. In I went again. It was amazing. Indian bannerfish, Titan triggerfish, every shade of parrotfish, all types of butterfly fish, Moorish Idol, bird wrasses, anemone fish, blue sea star, puffer fish, needle fish, trumpet fish, big sea turtle, manta ray, wrasses of every shade,  feather dusters, giant clams and healthy coral. Big fish and little fish. Great lunch and back to resort. Quick snorkel with Mariella this afternoon. We will go back together tomorrow morning. 

Can replace camera in Denpasar before going to cruise ship. We will see what happens. Peace out. Namaste Tres 

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  1. Dawg! Don’t be the obnoxious American tourist and always “be first”!? I think it’s so cool that you could go to Java – remember the movie, “Krakatoa, East of Java”…you’re there. Sorry about the camera, but, your listing of fish sounded like an advanced Dr. Seuss book. Be safe.

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