Day 5-Layover day-Cayo Costa State Park-Cabbage Key

A nice campfire with Paddle Florida last night and a sky full of stars at bedtime. A late roll out to breakfast and a plan for the ferry to Cabbage Key. 

A cheeseburger in paradise or somebody had stone crab. I put a dollar in the restaurant which goes to charity every so often.

Here was mine. 

Had to climb the Cabbage Key water tower.

The views from the top were amazing. 

It was a great day trip that got us home to Cayo  Costa in the early afternoon. Cooler than yesterday with no swim or paddle planned. The beach is still incredible. 

Hard to believe we finish tomorrow. I have seen manatees, dolphins, mullet, bald eagles, ospreys, fish, other birds, rays and a 3 1/2 foot baby hammerhead shark. Peace. Tres

5 thoughts on “Day 5-Layover day-Cayo Costa State Park-Cabbage Key

  1. That camera or phone takes great pictures. I may have missed it but am wondering if you are using the kayak you built. Once I was swimming about 25 yards off that same beach at Cayo Costa Island and a huge shadow appeared about 15 feet away, it was a gargantuan manatee! (glad you could’t tell in the water that id peed my pants 🙂

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