Day 4-Jug Creek to Cayo Costa State Park-11 miles

Featured image is sunset on Jug Creek bridge in Bokeelia. Another beautiful morning with a touch of wind. Out the cut we went. 

Nice curl around the mangrove to the Blueway. 

We headed out into the more open water with some wind in our faces. 

We had some chop and quartering winds but still seemed to make good time out to the turn that went to Cayo Costa and we stopped for a snack and nature break. 

We scooted on over to Cayo Costa and took out. 

We stacked the kayak armada on the septic tank and hopped on the tram for luggage and campsite. I was luck enough to have Sea Star cabin #12. Home again. Swim, shower, PBJ AND nothing else. 

Peace. Tres dog

2 thoughts on “Day 4-Jug Creek to Cayo Costa State Park-11 miles

  1. Looks like too much fun. I enjoyed lunch today with your beautiful bride. Look forward to seeing you when you get home.

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