Highlands Bicycle Festival 2016

Another big cycling weekend in Highlands County. A well organized affair with breakfast and lunch meal plan. Multiple route lengths for any level of rider including this writer and the littlest freewheeler. A quick and well organized registration in a new location in the center of town. A great Thai House dinner and on to Inn on the Lakes. 

This has become the hotel of choice when coming to the festival. Rain and wind impeding the riding on day one. A few attempts to leave but little success. Some riders rode covered up and in rain wear. This writer and his sidekick went to Highlands Hammock State Park. A fave of this ride.

The wife and I went for a walk inside the paved loop we had ridden around for years. It was surreal in its beauty. 

We went to the CCC museum in the park.

We went to lunch at the festival and who was sitting at the next table but our very own 2016 C2C rider, Robyn Saur. I Will hope to get a metric century in with her and the Coastal Cruisers bike club she belongs to. She took a selfie and sent it to Mark. 

I was able to meet up with the Coastal Cruisers and Robyn for a metric century. A cool but nice roll out along the lake. We were headed for Avon Park and first SAG. The wind picked up and started to smack us around a fair bit. A SAG support volunteer took a group picture. 

We went to SAG at mile 30 for the PBJ and bananas at the Y in Sebring. We headed out for Henscratch Winery and road and a beautiful tailwind just blew us along until we turned THEN a few sloggy miles into the SAG at mile 47. More wind and hills that started to get under my skin a little. Everybody was unselfish about taking their turn. It was great to see Robyn again and as expected her friends were great and crazy about her. A family values ride with the littlest freewheeler tomorrow. 

3 thoughts on “Highlands Bicycle Festival 2016

  1. Hi Tres, it’s Craig’s sister Pam. I don’t respond often, but have read every post and gazed at every picture you’ve provided. Your adventures this year (both on and off the bike), personal comments, and views of amazing scenery have provided an island of peace throughout a crazy year for our family, and this country. It has helped to remind me that there is a big wide beautiful world out there, full of kind and generous people. You know how special you are to us!

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