Post Turkey ride: Van Fleet State Trail

Tres and Mariella Smith set out to burn some of his brother’s incredible Thanksgiving dinner off at the Van Fleet State Trail. It was their usual 60/40 mile negotiation. It was a beautiful day and to this writer it was the epitome of a Fall Florida day.

There was a red, green, yellow and brown flurry of color. 

The trail goes through the Green Swamp and the Withalacoochee State Forest.

The last nine miles of the trail up to SR 50 at the metropolitan city of Mabel, Florida to this rider is the prettiest. It was a beautiful day that dappled through the trees.

Van Fleet State Trail is a gem. Know when you go there are limited options for water and bring all sports nutrition with you. The trail has spots where people camp on the trail in the swamp.

I don’t really mean to gloat but this is why we live in Florida. Happy Thanksgiving everyone. All the best. Peace out Tres

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