Ride to recovery in Wauchula, Florida

Tres and Mariella Smith had decided to register for Freedom Ride in Wauchula on November 19. Freedom ride was a fundraiser for their faith based family restoration and drug recovery program. It was a beautiful morning and we set out at O dark thirty. Mariella quickly stated to this happy rider that everything you seem to like to do has us getting up at 5 a.m. I am anticipating to hear this phrase more in future. Downtown Wauchula was in ready for a valiant group of 100. Mas o menos. It was learned that horrible hundred was going on Clermont sparking a smaller crowd.

Mariella was to do 30 miles and T dog 62. We were ushered out of town with the best police escort that this rider had experienced at a local ride in some time. Once the first couple of turns and miles were accomplished we did not require any help. The route was well marked and very rural. The roads were in great shape and only small rises and falls and were mostly flat.

A pass through the town of Ona.

There was some good headwind after the turn at mile 20 that was ongoing until after the second SAG stop at mile 44.5. I must again comment on the SAG. I had stopped on the side of the road at mile 23 to remove some clothes and a SAG truck stopped to check on me. They were very nice.

The second SAG was at a historic school at College Hill. It began in 1912.

I was not sure how long my wife would have to wait for me SO I thought if I had a chance to shave some time out of the wind I would. I headed out and there was a turn on Old Polk Road that we get me out of the headwind and head me back to town. The ride in was gorgeous.

I got in with 53.5 miles. This will be ride that I will do again. Happy Thanksgiving. Peace out. Tres dog

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