Epilogue: the ride home

After a quick week with my coast to coast and Bubbafest familia, it was time for smoked fish, conch chowder, broiled snapper, stone crab, lobster and the obligatory key lime pie at The Fish House with my fellow coasties Chrysa, Amy, Tom and his wife Audrey. What lovely people I have in my life to share it with. It was time for one last bittersweet breakfast and roll on back to the littlest freewheeler in Ruskin.

Many anticipated plans for upcoming bicycle events discussed.  Chrysa and Amy are my cycling sisters for life. Everyone missed Chrysa’s husband Rich, especially me. They could not have made this week any better.  A long goodbye to the coast to coast staff. They are the best in the biz.



It seems this blogging thing is growing on me. Expect some more.

5 thoughts on “Epilogue: the ride home

  1. Love it Tres, and hope you keep writing about your journeys paddling, pedaling, and moving those feet one way or another. Hope it was everything you wanted it to be, and welcome back to the real world. Looking forward to hearing all about this and catching up in January!

  2. Hopefully our beautiful Florida and the “from sea to shining sea” that you shared from your last trip will be here for future generations. Keep on peddling and sharing not only for your wellbeing but to help promote the environment.
    Love to you and Mariella,

  3. I loved your blog! ? We’ve done a lot of the things you did, but we didn’t get to do them all in one week- we have to go back every year to see more of the things we didn’t get to do while on our bikes. You obviously ride a lot faster than we do. It was great seeing you ! See you in January at the rugby tournament.

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