Day 50: High Springs, Florida – REST DAY

A sleepy morning at the Rustic Inn with breakfast and coffee from home. My brother, Henry and his granddaughter, Mekayla, had planned a morning visit with lunch in High Springs. We had found out it was Pioneer Days in town. Henry was right on time and we walked High Springs. It was bustling with vendor booths and live bluegrass music. The visit was great and my niece has become quite a gymnast.


She made sure she demonstrated and quite rightfully so. A great lunch at Great Outdoors. My other brother called while we were waiting for lunch. It was a great visit. A nap, some organization, a nice early dinner at camp with Mariella and the crew and early to bed tonight for the penultimate day of 85 miles into Palatka before the finale on Monday.

The support and love has become incredible. I am so ever grateful. Peace.

5 thoughts on “Day 50: High Springs, Florida – REST DAY

  1. Awesome stuff Tres, rest well day 50 very cool, your an inspiration for everyone to follow there dreams.

  2. The cartwheels won the show today, but she’ll remember her uncle riding a bicycle across the United States of America for the rest of her life, very few can claim an accomplishment on that level

  3. So very happy Henry and Mekayla could visit for your rest day ! Warms my heart for All of you ! Safest journeys , will see you soon ! ( after your hibernation ) XOXO

  4. Tres, as you know my sister, Pam, has been enjoying your blog and was telling her coworker Marilyn about. It turns out, Marilyn is close friends with your travel Chef (Serge?) and his wife. Small world.
    Enjoy the final days.
    Love you man,

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