Day 49: Live Oak to High Springs, Florida – 48 miles

The group was treated last night to an early childhood friend of Ray Charles and the previous mayor of Greenville, Florida, Mrs. Pritchard. She told us about when she was small and played with “RC”. She was almost 87 and had a remarkable life as an elementary educator as well. She was tremendous and a local treasure that the city of Greenville did not seem to appreciate anymore. She was brilliant and I found here a treasure. We rolled out of a busy Live Oak on s little different route than previously planned adding about 5 miles. It was another chamber of commerce ride. The route was gorgeous. We had first SAG at 23 miles and sagged again at 39 miles next to the Ichnutucknee Springs State Park. Lots of tubes going on. We then had our bud, Mr. Headwind, started to greet us again. We spent a little time on the Ichnutucknee Springs bike trail.


This lead us to our camp in O’Leno State Park. A CCC park that is nice.


The wife will join me for dinner and we are to go “jukin” tonight in High Springs at the Great Outdoors Trading Post and restaurant for music after dinner. Good thing I had a nap and a layover rest day tomorrow.

4 thoughts on “Day 49: Live Oak to High Springs, Florida – 48 miles

  1. I’m enjoying the reports.This journey is almost over.Thanks for sharing it with us.
    See you soon.

  2. As much as you’ve been joined by your bud Mr Headwind, it seems like you should’ve started on this coast. Great job man, enjoy your night.

  3. From the pictures it looks like they saved the best for last. That should give you a boost, plus having Mariella to join you at the finish line has to increase the energy level. Ichetucknee is one of my fondest memories. Thanks again for sharing your adventure.
    Love to you both, Ruth

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