Day 48: Tallahassee to Live Oak, Florida – 77 miles

A nice roll out of east Tallahassee. A beautiful section of US 90 with great trees. We had our first SAG stop in the quaint town of Monticello at Tupelo’s Bakery. There was the county court house.


The Monticello Opera House.


We left there and went to SAG IN Greenville Park and the Ray Charles statue.


We left there to have lunch in Madison at O’Neal’s Country buffet. Another courthouse.


We left there for another SAG in Lee, Florida. Lee, little but proud. The Suwannee River.


We had our constant friend the headwind after lunch into the Suwannee County Agriculture Fair grounds. The littlest free wheeler is en route. Peace.

5 thoughts on “Day 48: Tallahassee to Live Oak, Florida – 77 miles

  1. I am really going to miss this blog and your correspondence, Tres! But at least you will be home, safe and healthy, with the great feeling you made a dream come true!

  2. you’re turning into quite the photographer on this trip, the railroad bridge is a beauty! Looking forward to seeing you in Ruskin soon!

  3. Another big day dog, keep turning those cranks and you’ll be home befor you know it. We need to plan a dinner to get all the details.


  4. You are almost home. Great ride, Tres, as others have said, I have enjoyed your daily blogs and pictures. What an amazing journey you had.

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