Day 47: Marianna to Tallahassee, Florida – 75 miles

We were treated to a surprise after last night’s dinner. A 2016 C2C rider had a local friend who played tenor sax and played about 20-25 minutes of nice jazz with a finale of Harlem Nocturne. We left and back out on US 90. We went over the Apalachicola River just above below the dam.


We went through Grand Ridge, Sneads and into Chatacoochee to the around the corner bakery for apple pie. We rode onto Quincy for another SAG and onto Midway and Tallahassee. A subway lunch and into the expanse of greater Tallahassee. A circumlocution of route in the city to keep us off the big and busy roads.


A motel tonight and the littlest freewheeler tomorrow.

2 thoughts on “Day 47: Marianna to Tallahassee, Florida – 75 miles

  1. Warning, Life will not be the same after this ride.
    It is very hard to get back to the real world!!
    Rode the Paralympic Challenge 1995 LA to Atlanta, the southern route!
    Enjoy the last week!

  2. Dawg! “Circumlocution “…Day-umm! Take in every final minute and mile! Take care, be safe and we look forward to seeing you.

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