Day 43: Dauphin Island, Alabama – REST DAY


A longer sleep with another great layover breakfast of eggs, French toast, sausage, biscuits and sausage gravy and apple strudel. Put new rubber on both wheels before breakfast and a mechanical tweak and rode to downtown Dauphin Island and the Lighthouse bakery for coffee.


The group took a tour of the civil war fort, Ft. Gaines. It was interesting.


Some of the group went to the Sea Lab across from the camp. I was there yesterday. A cool esturarium. A nice lunch and nap. Ferry ride in the morning across Mobile Bay and big ride after. Thanks for the ongoing comments of love and support. Peace.

9 thoughts on “Day 43: Dauphin Island, Alabama – REST DAY

  1. Looks like you are going to ferry across to the next island – Gulf Shores ( when you get home tell you my story about Gulf Shores-haha) and headed east used to have some of the most beautiful beaches – very pristine – hope they still are. Peace

  2. I have following from the beginning but have not. Commented. it has been a great ride so far and some realy cool sites. See you soon when you get home. It does.not.look like it will be long now. Get home safe

  3. Why do your posts always make me hungry? At least between all the hard rides and rough weather, you always eat well!

    Just a few states away now……… Hang in there and stay safe.

  4. I have been eating the same meals as you everyday and I have gained 20 pounds since you left what is going on?

  5. You are doing a great job riding and keeping up with posts. I can’t wait to get home from work each day to check the rider blogs, Bubba’s video’s, and Mickey’s pictures. Next year, here I come.

  6. We love reading your blog, Tres…we had a wind today that bothered me and I wasn’t even riding into it. You are amazing.
    Remember when you get home you might not be able to keep eating those meals:)

    love from L and T

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