Day 34: Shepherd to Silsbee, Texas – 61 miles

I have been asked by many commenters when will I finally get out of Texas. After 18 nights, including tonight, we will be leaving Texas tomorrow for Louisiana. Whew! It was a cool but, beautiful roll out to a quick first SAG then a long, flat, beautiful and remote stretch to the second SAG.


A nice lunch at Mama Jack’s in Kountze, Texas. Then on to camp in Silsbee, Texas.  Thanks again for everyone’s support and the lovely article about my trip. Peace.

5 thoughts on “Day 34: Shepherd to Silsbee, Texas – 61 miles

  1. Welcome back to the lush green Southeast
    We have been keeping it nice and warm for you.
    Eat a beignet in Nawlins for me.

  2. TRES!!!! You’re an amazing human. I’m not the least bit surprised to see you taking on such an amazing journey. Enjoy the ride my friend. I cannot wait to read all about the rest of it. Thank you for being such an important influence in my early nursing days. I won’t ever forget working with such a smart, compassionate guy.

  3. Really enjoying reading your blog and the pictures. You look like you are having a wonderful time. This trip is just so you. All of it from the descriptions of new friends to trying new food.
    I am glad that you are having fun and look forward to hearing about it at FSARN.

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