Day 33: Richards (Mexican Hill Ranch) to Shepherd, Texas – 62 miles

A bittersweet roll out of the rest day at Mexican Hill Ranch and the great hosts, Erny and Doris. They could not have been sweeter or more hospitable. Imagine letting me milk and associate with their livestock. It was a life event. I am a better person for meeting them. We rolled out under cloudy skies, with our rider that had been ill and we rode through the Sam Houston National Forest. It was beautiful.


It was the same group I had been riding with for a couple weeks and every one is comfortable with one another. First SAG at New Waverly Cafe for cherry pie and coffee. We rode another 25 miles and into “The Hop” for burgers and home made onion rings. It was great.


A nice roll into the very eclectic Shepherd’s Sanctuary.



It was a nice day.

5 thoughts on “Day 33: Richards (Mexican Hill Ranch) to Shepherd, Texas – 62 miles

  1. Wow you are doing great. I am living outside of Austin. Yes it is always windy here and hard to deal with at times. I remember you riding your bike to work alot, but never thought that it would turn into a cross country ride.

  2. I’ve driven through Texas 3 or 4 times and as Cindy said its sooooo loooooong. When do you expect to get out of Texas? And is everything really bigger in Texas?

    Keep it up. Your doing great. I really enjoy reading your blogs. I’m sure a lot of us would love to be there with you. Have fun and fully enjoy the experience.

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